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Our Product Development Story

Before I developed Pristine Aesthetics Clinical Skincare, I had a lot of skin issues: combo, oily in the T-zone, "sensitive" (or so I thought), occasionally breakout prone, out of balance, mild rosacea, large pores, you name it.

I was a frustrated, confused product hopper and searching for anything that would help. Nothing really worked, and if it did, it didn’t work for long. I started researching and educating myself about ingredients, how skin reacts to them, and what roles they play in a product.

When skin is exposed to irritants and sensitizers, damage can be imperceptible and cumulative, leaving it in a reactive mode. We believe we have "sensitive" skin, but it's often really just skin that has become sensitized over time, which is a problem that can be easily addressed.

When I created Pristine Aesthetics Clinical Skincare and Heath Daniel Skincare For Men, I isolated the most effective ingredients—both synthetic and natural—that directly benefit the health of the skin. I formulated the products using a high percentage of active ingredients at skin-friendly pH levels, and I made sure that all of the ingredients were recognized by the skin and easily absorbed. A routine is only as good as its worst product, and a product only as good as its worst ingredient. In other words, one skin toxic ingredient and the skin fails entirely.

We think of Pristine Aesthetics as an ingredient detox philosophy for a total skin reset. Using these products exclusively is the best way to get maximum results. So I invite you to try us out and see what happens when your skin returns to its healthiest, most balanced state. You may find that your skin is so smooth and even and glowing that you can go without makeup.

Good luck! And thanks for being part of the Pristine Aesthetics community! 

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